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Public Records Request Policy and Procedures

  Public Records Request Form

(ORC 149.43ORC 149.45)

The Scioto County Health Department shall ensure that all public records requests are promptly prepared and made available for the inspection to any person at all reasonable times during regularly business hours.  Any questions regarding requests, including what can and cannot be released or redacted, shall be directed to the Department Head or Administrator who may seek assistance from the Scioto County Prosecutor's Office. Each department will be responsible for the following:

  • Each employee responding to a request shall document the request on the Records Request Log Sheet. Located at the Front Desk. This includes requests by Mail, Phone, Email or in Person.
  • Maintain a copy of the Scioto County Health Department's Records Retention Schedule  and a copy of this policy and procedure for public access and review.

While it is not required that public records requests be submitted in writing, the requestors are encouraged to submit the requests in writing (using the Public Records Request Form ), in an effort to prevent any misunderstanding as to the records the requestor is seeking. Individuals requesting a public record cannot be forced to provide identification or a reason for the request, and cannot be charged for time and labor spent for fulfilling the request. If a requestor makes an overly broad request, or has difficulty in specifying the request, the department employee (point-of-contact) shall provide the requestor with reasonable assistance to facilitate their request, such as providing a copy of the retention schedule and policy and the opportunity to revise the request.
Note: If a request is made in writing, the response must also be in writing.

  • If a request is denied in whole or in part, the requestor shall be provided, in writing an explanation including the legal authority setting forth why the request was denied. The requestor will be notified (using the Public Record Form), if the request is for a record that was never maintained or is no longer maintained (for example record met retention period and was destroyed.)
  • If request includes information that is "exempted" from disclosure, that information must be redacted.  The requestor must be notified in writing of what information was redacted and the specific section of the Ohio Revised Code granting legal authority for redaction. (ORC Section 149.45)
  •  (Normally this notification will be made right on the document itself).
  • In response to a public records request, a maximum of 10 public records per month will be sent by mail unless the requester certifies in writing that such records are not being requested for any commercial purpose as provided in the Ohio Public Records Act.
  • Payment for the cost of copies may be requested in advance. Payment may be made by cash or check written out to the Scioto County Health Department. Copies will be double-sided as cost saving measure. The charge for copies of public records is as follows:               
  • Any requested records 10 or more pages will be charged twenty-five cents ($.25) per page.
All instances when assistance is offered to facilitate a request, even if such assistance does not result in the release of records, must also be documented on the Public Record Request Form. The original record request and a copy of the corresponding invoice shall be kept on file by the Scioto County Health Department for two years.