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Retail Food Program

Leah Terry, B.S., R.E.H.S., Supervisor Retail Food Program
Zach Elswick, E.H.S, Retail Food

A major function of Environmental Health Services is the licensing and inspection of retail food operations in Scioto County. State regulations require that each retail food operation, known as Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments be licensed and inspected by the Health Department. Food operations requiring licenses also include mobile type operations like food trucks; and certain types of vending machine locations. The SCHD Sanitarians will also respond to food safety related complaints about food operations when they are received.


foodsafetypicTemporary food licenses are also required for many one to five day operations which sell food. Typically temporary food operations sell (or require a donation for) food as part of festivals, auctions or other small events. If you are planning to sell food to the public for a limited time event, contact Environmental Health Services at least one week prior to when the event begins to obtain a license to operate.



Food Safety Trainings:

Level One Certification in Food Protection, is a mandated course for the person in charge per shift of a risk level I, II, III, and IV food service operation or retail food establishment in the following instances:

  • New facility is opened
  • Facility has been implicated in a foodborne disease outbreak
  • Facility has documented a failure to maintain sanitary conditions

Level Two certification in Food Protection is a more extensive course for the food manager. Effective March 1, 2016 Level III and Level IV operations must obtain Level Two Certification in Food Protection for at least one supervisory employee by March 1, 2017.

Links to Approved Level One & Level Two Certification Courses: