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Guidance for Homeowners

                                Step-by-Step Process for Installing, Replacing, or Altering a Sewage Treatment System

1.)  Soil Evaluation:
                 A soil evaluation must be completed in accordance with  rule 3701-29-07 of the Ohio Administrative Code
                 The soil evaluation may be conducted by The Scioto County Health Department or a qualified soil scientist.
                 a list of qualified soil scientists can be found at: The Health Department's fee 
                 for soil evaluation can be found on the bar to the left. 

2.)  Sewage Treatment System Design:
                  Once the soil evaluation is complete, a STS design must be created in accordance with rule 3701-29-10 OAC.
                   "STS designs shall be prepared and submitted by persons capable of reviewing the soil evaluation, site conditions,
                    information provided by the homeowner, ad these rules to facilitate the choice of an appropriate, site specific STS..."
                    A list of septic system designers can be found at: 

                Registered installers are also qualified to create STS designs. A list of registered installers in Scioto County,
                  and "Sewage Treatment Systems Design Guidance"  can be found on the bar to the left.

3.)  Site Review Application & Associated Fee:
After the above two steps are completed, the following information must be submitted to the Scioto County
                  Health Department: Soil Evaluation, STS Design, Sewage Treatment System Site Review Application, and Site
                  Review Fee.  
The Sewage Treatment System Site Review Application and a list of fess can be found on the left of the screen.

4.) Permit Application & Associated Fee: 

                Once the Sewage Treatment System Site Review Application has been approved, the applicant may apply for a
                  Permit to Install or Alter a Sewage Treatment System. The a copy of the permit can be found to the left of this
                  screen. Submit the permit and associated fee to the Scioto County Health Department. Once approved, the
                  applicant will receive the permit and installation may begin.