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Public Health Nuisance

Public Health Nuisances are environmental situations which have the potential to cause the spread of disease. In order to prevent the spread of disease, the Health Department investigates and may issue orders where nuisance conditions are found. Typical reported complaints that we investigate are:

phnuisancepicPublic Health Nuisance Conditions

  • Excessive trash or garbage accumulation (outside the home)
  • Infestations of rats
  • Discharge or surfacing of untreated sewage
  • If the trash accumulation inside of the home is detrimental to children or the elderly.
  • No water available approved sewage disposal.

Please contact us to report these conditions. You may also complete the form below and submit to our office. Information you provide to us, including your name, will remain confidential unless a case has to go to court. Provide complete information to help us locate the nuisance. As long as you provide a means for contacting you, a Sanitarian will keep you informed on the status of your complaint.



We provide information and /or referrals for many types of issues that are not considered public health nuisance conditions. When complaints relate to living conditions or contamination inside of homes, we can’t issue orders for corrections or cleanup to be made. Examples of these issues include:

  • Mold, lead paint, radon, and other contaminants
  • Bed bug infestations
  • Failure to mow grass or weeds

In some cases, we may be able to provide some level of support to other county agencies who may have the legal authority to investigate these problems. In some instances, certain situations may be connected to other issues going on at the property. These are investigated or investigated to determine what can be done.

  • No heat or electric service to a home
  • Trash accumulation inside of a home
  • Dilapidated and abandoned homes and buildings

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