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Scioto County Failing Septic System Financial Assistance Program


The Scioto County Health Department through an award from the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund from Ohio EPA is providing financial assistance to income-eligible homeowners in Scioto County to repair or replace their failing home sewage treatment systems. The assistance can cover up to 100% of the cost to replace or repair the failing septic system. The assistance may also cover new connections to available sanitary sewers.
Tiers of Financial Assistance

  • 100% poverty level = You pay 0%
  • 200% poverty level = You pay 15%
  • 300% poverty level = You pay 50%
  • The applicant must own and live in the home as their primary residence. Or home is being purchased via Land Installment Contract per ORC 5313.
  • Rental properties, new builds, foreclosures or homes for sale are NOT eligible for assistance.
  • The total gross yearly anticipated household income must be below 300% of the 2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  •  You need to be income eligible, verification of homeowner’s household size and income will be conducted by the health department using established guidelines.
  •  Your system must be documented as failed by the Scioto County Health Department.
 Income Eligibility Guidelines Per Household

Income verification must be submitted for all household members over 18 years of age. 
Examples of income verification are:

• Employment: Copies of your 4 most recent paystubs or signed Employer Verification form for all employment.
• Fixed Income: A statement from the agency verifying the amount of monthly income received (such as unemployment,
    Social Security, SSI, Disability, Child Support, pension, etc.).
• Self-employment: A copy of last year’s federal filed income taxes, including Profit and Loss Statement.
• Interest Income: A copy of bank statement reflecting the amount of interest earned last year.

Assistance for the abandonment of failed household sewage treatment systems or new connections to centralized sanitary sewer system are also allowed.

For additional information or to qualify for the program, call Garet Bennett, RS at 740-355-8358.
The Scioto County Health Department is able to make this funding available through the Ohio EPA.

*Funds are available for a limited time.
* This program goes through several steps and may take months.

What the Program WILL and WILL NOT Cover

To apply for the program please print the forms below. Attach proof of income and drop off, mail or send to

Homeowner's Terms and Conditions
Income Verification Form