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The Scioto County Health Department is the first place to contact if you want to install a new sewage treatment system (STS), or alter, replace or abandon your existing sewage system. The Scioto County Board of Health is charged with the enforcement authority of Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3701-29 concerning the construction, installation and maintenance of individual sewage disposal systems serving one, two and three family dwellings. 

SCHD will work with you to ensure a comprehensive review of your system, property and water use to determine the best solutions for proper wastewater treatment for your home, or to determine the correct repair of a malfunctioning system.

SCHD offers site and soil evaluations.   The natural soil is the most commonly used media for final treatment of sewage effluent from a home. A complete evaluation of the soil on the property is needed to determine how much usable soil (thickness) is present and where it is located. Other site conditions must also be determined such as slope, topography and the location of nearby water sources and drinking water supplies. 
A listing of private companies may be found to the left on the screen. Those listed are soil scientists and or certified soil evaluators.

 A permit to install or alter a system must be obtained from SCHD before beginning any construction or repair activities on a system.


  • Issues permits for the installation or alteration of household sewage disposal systems 
  • Licenses installers , septage haulers and service providers for work on home septic systems 
  • Conducts site evaluations and soil evaluations
  • Conducts annual inspections of household septic systems 
  • Certifies existing septic systems for real estate transactions and refinancing
If you are buying/selling a home or upon the homeowners request, the Health Department can evaluate your existing household sewage treatment systems.  You must request a Sewage Loan Inspection and fill out the application.

Application for a Sewage Certification - Bank Loan

Forms and Applications are found in Guidance for Homeowners to the left of screen.

Licensed Sewage Contractors, Septage Haulers and Service Providers may also be found on the left of the screen.


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