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Sewage Hauler

A septage hauler is defined as:

OAC 3701-29-001 (JJJJ) “Septage hauler” means any person who engages in the collection, transportation, disposal, and/or land application of domestic septage.  A septage hauler may also evaluate and report on the condition of any tank they are pumping.

The table below has a short list of activities that a septage hauler is allowed to perform under the septage hauler registration.   The list of activities is intended to provide a general idea and contractors are not necessarily limited to only the activities list here. 

Septage Hauler
Evaluate and report on:
  • condition of the tank 
  • presence/absence of baffles or tees
  • conditions of risers
  • evidence of high water or water intrusion
  • tank deterioration
Conduct and report any minor repairs limited to structure of the tank(s) being pumped, including:
  • Installation/replacement of lids or risers on the tank
  • Installation, repair, or replacement of tank baffles
  • Installation, cleaning, or repair of effluent filter at outlet of tank
Maintain records and manifest of septage or sewage pumped from each STS as required in OAC 3701-29-20 (C).

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Chapter 3701-29 Ohio Administrative Code - Household Sewage Disposal Systems

Chapter 3718 Ohio Revised Code - Sewage Treatment Systems