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Monkeypox is an emerging disease in the United States.  As of 8/22/2022, there were 15,433 cases in the United States, and 133 cases in Ohio.  So far, no cases have been reported in Scioto County or our neighboring counties.

National and state Monkeypox case numbers are updated weekly and are shown on the CDC's 2022 Monkeypox U.S. Map and Case Count.

Monkeypox case numbers for Ohio, by county, are shown on the Ohio Monkeypox Dashboard.  

For basic information about Monkeypox symptoms, transmission, precautions, treatment, and vaccination, please see the Ohio Department of Health's Frequently Asked Questions About Monkeypox page.  Another excellent resource for information is the CDC Monkeypox page.

The CDC has also issued Monkeypox guidelines for Schools, Early Child Care and Education Programs, and Other Settings Serving Children and Adolescents.