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Employee Directory


Dr. Michael Martin, M.D.,  Scioto County Health Commissioner 

Melissa Spears, R.E.H.S., Administrator

Amber Gustin, B.S., Registrar/Fiscal Officer 

Traci Maloney, Billing Clerk/Deputy Registrar 


Garet Bennett, R.E.H.S., Director of Environmental 

Leah Terry, B.S., R.E.H.S., Supervisor Retail Food Program, Campground, and Pools

Zach Elswick, B.S., E.H.S., Retail Food

Public Health Nursing 

Tracey Henderson, B.S.N., R.N., Director of Nursing 

Vickie Patrick, R.N., Public Health Nurse

Kristyn McLaughlin, R.N., Public Health Nurse COVID -19 

Pam McCoy, R.N., Public Health Nurse, BCMH

Beth Ingles, Public Health Administrative Assistant 

Arlene Dever, Community Health Worker,