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Childhood Lead Poisoning

Childhood Lead Poisoning Case Management

Exposure to lead can be very dangerous, especially for young children. Lead can damage nearly every system in the human body, and young children are especially vulnerable. Even small amounts of lead can cause learning and behavior problems in children. Lead replaces iron and calcium and affects many parts of the body, especially the nervous system. Lead is most harmful to children under the age of six, because a child's growing body takes up lead easily. Lead can also be dangerous to a baby during pregnancy. Problems related to lead poisoning can last the child's whole life. Even at low levels, lead can lower IQ, cause attention disorders, make it difficult for a child to pay attention in school, delay growth, impair hearing, and more.

The Scioto County Health Department provides local case management for children who have been diagnosed with elevated blood lead levels. Our nurses will meet with you to help you figure out where the lead exposure is coming from, and help you develop a plan to reduce your child’s lead exposure. We will work with your family, your pediatrician, and the State of Ohio’s Lead Program to monitor your child’s lead levels over time to make sure the plan is working. If your child is experiencing developmental delays, we can refer you to other agencies that provide developmental services. For children under 6 years old who have a blood lead level of 10 or over, you will also be contacted by a State Lead Inspector, and you may be eligible for additional services including home modification to remove sources of lead.

If your child has been diagnosed with an elevated lead level, or if you have concerns about your child’s possible exposure to lead, please call the Scioto County Health Department at 740-355-8358 and ask for a public health nurse. We will be happy to help you!

Resources on Child Lead Poisoning