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Interagency Collaboration And Referrals

The Nursing Department of the Scioto County Health Department collaborates with many other local organizations and agencies on health-related issues. Examples include:

Appalachian Whole Child Partnership Project
The Appalachian Whole Child Partnership Project is a collaborative effort with Ohio University, Wright State University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, local healthcare providers and agencies, and several local school districts from across the southern Ohio region. The purpose of this initiative is to help interested school districts identify student health and wellness priorities, and assist them to develop an integrated system of school-based student supports to improve student health. This may include interventions such as school-based health clinics, providing mental health services in schools, etc. Three Scioto County school districts were accepted to participate in the program (Minford Local School District, Northwest Local School District, and Portsmouth City Schools). The Scioto County Health Department is a participating agency in this project, and serves on the Whole Child Advisory Committee for Minford Local Schools.

Early Childhood Coordinating Committee
We are a member of the Scioto County Early Childhood Coordinating Committee (ECCC). Through this committee, we coordinate with Help Me Grow, Early Intervention, and other programs and agencies serving Scioto County children. This collaboration allows us to inform our clients about local events and refer them to local services that may help their children. It also allows other agencies to refer children to us for services including the Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH) program and childhood vaccines.

Help Me Grow and Early Intervention
We refer expectant and new parents, at their request, to the Help Me Grow program. Help Me Grow is Ohio’s evidence-based parent support program that encourages early prenatal and well-baby care, and provides parent support and parenting education to promote the comprehensive health and development of young children. These services are free. HELP ME GROW. If parents have concerns about their young child’s development, we refer them to Early Intervention. Early Intervention staff can assess the child and provide needed services to eligible children. EARLY INTERVENTION

School Nurse Support
We provide educational workshops for Scioto County School Nurses twice a year, bringing in speakers to educate school nurses on a variety of topics relevant to school health. Some recent topics include teen vaping, research and new technologies for Type I Diabetes management, and tickborne diseases affecting Scioto County. We provide standing orders for school nurses as well as assistance with communicable diseases, school vaccines, and other issues. We assist schools with annual scoliosis screening, at their request. We also provide mobile vaccine clinics for school staff, at their request.

Scioto County Fair
We provide first aid services and a cooling station every year at the Scioto County Fair.

Scioto County Family and Children First Council
We are a member of the Scioto County Family and Children First Council, a collaborative of 22 public and private agencies and organizations serving families and children in Scioto County. This organization coordinates services for families involved in more than one social service system to ensure care and prevent duplication of services. The FCFC provides service coordination free of charge for eligible families of children with multiple or complex needs. Limited funding may be available to help meet certain needs for eligible children.

Scioto County Health Coalition
We are active participants in the Scioto County Health Coalition and are actively involved in the Scioto County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).