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Permanent Cosmetics

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"Permanent cosmetics" means a tattoo, by someone other than a physician licensed under Chapter 4731. of the Revised Code, which includes but is not limited to eyebrows, eyelids, lips and other parts of the body for beauty marks, hair imitation, lash enhancement or areola repigmentation. This includes any procedures referred to as "permanent makeup," "microdermapigmentation," "micropigment implantation" or "dermagraphics" and for the purpose of these rules has the same meaning as "tattoo." This definition does not include practices that are considered medical procedures by the state medical board, performed with medical devices that include, but are not limited to, biopsy or dermal punches and scalpels. ORC 3701-9-01 (T)

Board of Health Approval - ORC 3701-09-02