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Nurse Appreciation Week May 6-12 2024

5-8-24 nurse app day

Nursing Department Staff:
Tracey Henderson, BSN, RN, Director of Nursing
Vickie Patrick, RN, Public Health Nurse
Kristyn McLaughlin, RN, Public Health Nurse
Pam McCoy RN, Public Health Nurse
Beth Ingles, Administrative Assistant
Arlene Dever, Community Health Worker 

Public health nursing involves a wide variety of services and activities, all aimed at promoting health and preventing disease and disease outbreaks.  When a communicable disease is reported in Scioto County our public health nurses investigate the cause and the origin; provide case management when needed; and follow up to ensure the disease is controlled and not spread in the community.   In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our nurses  follow up on positive COVID case reports, answer questions about isolation and quarantine protocols, and administer COVID vaccines to the public.  (So far, we have administered over 11,000 COVID vaccines.)   

Our public health nurses also offer a wide variety of important immunizations to infants, children, teens, and adults, as well as travel vaccines.  Each year we offer the seasonal influenza vaccine.   We provide flu vaccine outreach clinics all over Scioto County as well as daily in our office, starting in mid-September each year .  This is another effort to protect the health of our citizens and to limit the spread of communicable disease in our community.  

Our nurses are committed to assisting children in Scioto County through the Vaccines for Children program, the Children With Medical Handicaps program, and through our participation in the Early Childhood Coordinating Committee and the Family and Children First Council.

We are involved in numerous other health promotion activities, and we collaborate with many other local agencies in the effort to improve the health of Scioto County residents.   Please click on the links above for more information about our specific programs, or call us at 740-355-8358 for more information.

School Nurse Meeting 2023